Fresh baked for your daily happiness!

Our bakers arrive early at 4 a.m., 7 days a week, to offer you the freshest baked goods. You will be amazed by our selection and quality—guaranteed!

Sweet Rolls & Cake Donuts

The sweet roll case is filled fresh, every morning just before the store opens. Start your day with something sweet and delicious. We also make our cake donuts from scratch. The freshest donuts "around." They go great with our gourmet coffee!

Fresh Baked Bread & Rolls

Just like homemade—no preservatives like other breads. Taste the difference of fresh baked breads and rolls!

Homemade Pasties

It has been our tradition for over 20 years. We have sold over 500,000 pasties. Come find out why! Our pasties are the best in the world. We make the traditional Beef, Potato and Rutabaga Pasties as well as many other flavors—try them all!

Decorated Cakes

Have a special occasion? Celebrate with delicious cake! Call our Cake Decorating department to order your specially made cake. Our talented cake decorators will be glad to take your order. Check out our cake gallery for examples of some of the things we can do.

  • Call our Cake Decorating department 
    at (906) 341-8070